Is Reality TV Affecting the Health of Your Brain?

Playing Is Reality TV Negatively Affecting Your Brain?

The Doctors welcome journalists Anna Rothschild and Hannah Jewell from The Washington Post to discuss how our brains might be affected by watching reality TV.

To find out, Ann and Hannah were scanned with an FMRI, which is a type of MRI, which tracks when oxygen-rich blood enters certain parts of the brain while watching “The Bachelor.”

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They say during the scan areas of the brain that deal with anger and rage and also the areas of the brain that deal with pleasure and addiction were activated simultaneously while viewing reality TV. The journalists say that they were surprised to see how both areas of the brain were simultaneously stimulated while consuming reality TV.

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“Watching [these] shows doesn’t make you dumb. You can watch anything in a very critical and intelligent way…[and] you can watch a very intelligent show in a very dumb way [as well,]” Hannah says, encouraging people to enjoy their guilty pleasure viewing.

The Doctors says that something like reality TV can serve as a good distraction from the stress of our daily life.