Real Life Aquaman Rudy Reyes' Mission to Protect The Oceans

Rudy Reyes
Rudy Reyes

The Doctors are joined by marine conservation expert Rudy Reyes... a real-life Aquaman! Rudy is a US Marine Corps Vet and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He also played himself in the HBO miniseries "Generation Kill" and now is spending his time saving the planet!

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Rudy explains that he is originally from Missouri, so wasn't too familiar with the ocean. After joining the Marine Corps, however, he learned to swim with a camafloge uniform and combat gear on and was mentored by the best in the world. With that knowledge he learned in the marines came learning about the ocean and marine life. He used that experience to create Force Blue, which "parlays those military skills to fight in this battle to save the planet."

He explains Force Blue rebuilds coral reefs, does triage for damaged coral reefs, and also tags sharks and turtles, protecting estuaries. 

Yet, this is not his only passion! Rudy focuses on the mind body soul connection. He believes it is one single organism that ebbs and flows and attributes that to staying 47 years young! He has a warrior philosophy, meaning that like a samurai, he is looking to serve.

He explains he doesn't have workouts he has principals. He enjoys swimming, rock climbing, running and martial arts. 

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His best fitness tip? Everybody should walk more! He also advocates Tabata workouts, where you give your all out max energy for 20-30 seconds and then rest for 10. He says to rinse and repeat this for 7 cycles and you have a 5-minute workout that is a destroyer!

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