Rare Syndrome Causes Teen to Feel Filled with Love

Playing ‘The Brady Bunch’ actor Christopher Knight Shares His New Documentary

The Doctors welcome “Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight and his producing partner Phil Viardo to discuss the new documentary “Truelove,” about Callie Truelove who has Williams syndrome. The syndrome causes unique personality characteristics, and in the case of Callie, she is filled with love. 

The Doctors explain that Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder caused by a lack of certain chromosomes.

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Christopher says of her having Williams syndrome, “What that does and to all of those around her, it’s very powerful, and I think in light of the times, it’s something quite useful for all of us to witness."

Callie explains her mission, saying, “There’s so much anger and stress that people put on this world and my job as a human is to make sure that we fight for love and that we fight for the good and that is what I have tried to instill in people... I don’t want people wasting their lives on hate and anger... there’s still love in the world and you should fight for it every day.” 

Someone who helps Callie spread her message of love is her service dog Doddle, who the Make-A-Wish Foundation helped her get. "He’s been able to give me the strength to really and truly show who I am,” she explains.

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Callie’s mom Tabitha says her daughter has helped teach her more in 16 years than she could learn in a lifetime, including appreciating every day and every second. Tabitha explains that Williams syndrome causes her daughter to struggle with many everyday things that we take for granted (like taking a bath or snapping buttons on her clothes) but she tells The Doctors that Callie never complains and never gives up.

Find out the surprise we have for Callie and her dog Doodle, including swag from country music legend Dolly Parton and a trip to this year's Williams Syndrome Association Convention in the video below. Plus, find out more about the “Truelove” documentary.


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