Rapper Silento Shares His Battle with Depression

Playing Rapper Silento Reveals Battle with Depression

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The young rapper Silento shares his struggle with depression and disputes the belief that fame and fortune guarantee happiness. He explains his difficult childhood in which he was born with drugs already in his system. He saw his family members fight, try and kill each other, and suffer from mental illness. 

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Silento says he felt depressed his entire life and while he was never officially diagnosed with any disorder, he was put on medication for ADHD and sleeping pills. Life got so bad he ended up incarcerated and in juvenile hall by the time he was fourteen. 

When he was sixteen, he found success. After doing the dance moves the whip and Nae Nae and everyone in the cafeteria watched him, he created the song "Watch Me," which soon went viral and blew up almost overnight. Even with this newfound fame, Silento says his depression was there. 

The Doctors put Silento and clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho in touch so that she could hear about his story and start him on his journey to healing. They both join The Doctors in the studio to further discuss his issues. Dr. Judy shares how Silento essentially raised himself and never had anyone to speak with or consistently count on.

Silento says he wants to open up about his depression and rough childhood so he can help his peers and all people who are suffering from depression in this country. He wants to help everyone and The Doctors commend him but also acknowledge he first must help himself!

Silento shares how his passion for dancing and music can help him to feel better. "My dance moves are so energentic, if I have negative energy, the amount of energy it takes to do the dance move I can transform it into positive energy," he says. 

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Dr. Ho says he does meet the criteria for major depressive disorder and also suffers from symptoms of PTSD. The Doctors have set Silento up with therapists in his hometown to help him continue down this path of recovery. Dr. Ho points out both conditions are super treatable and she is excited for Silento to get to a better place. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry adds she wants him to take what he needs from these therapy sessions because he deserves happiness!

Silento is all smiles and before he leaves, he has some new dance moves to introduce to The Doctors!

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