Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo's Workout Tips for Couples

Playing How Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Motivate to Stay in Shape after the Wedding

The Doctors are joined by “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay Abasolo and her husband, chiropractor Dr. Bryan Abasolo to share workout tips that couples can do together.

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The happy couple embarked on a pre-wedding boot camp in order to look their best for their special day. Rachel asked Bryan to help design a workout routine that she could do while traveling and one that would not get in the way of her busy life.

The couple’s workout routine includes:

Squat hammer press: Which works the core, shoulder triceps and legs with just dumbbells.

Partner plank handclap: This move, done with a partner, targets your hips and core.

Burpee plank hop: These high jumps, also done with a partner, involve repeated leaps that tone the abs, core, and abdomen area.

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“Couples that play together, stay together, “ Dr. Travis Stork notes. 

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