Quick Trick to Clean Dirty Makeup Blenders

Playing Drs. Rx: Disinfect Your Makeup Blenders in the Microwave

If you’re a woman who uses makeup blenders you know how quickly they can get dirty. The Doctors share a quick trick that can clean those blenders in two minutes flat: microwave them!

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All you need to do is put some dish soap at the bottom of a bowl and fill it with water. Then, toss the dirty blender in there and put the entire bowl into the microwave for two minutes. Be careful when removing it, the blender will be hot, so allow time to cool. 

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A 2007 study from The University of Florida did this with kitchen sponges and after microwaving them for two minutes they killed 99% of pathogens. Do the same for your makeup blenders to remove all that buildup and bacteria, the sponge study is the science to prove it works!

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