Put down the Pills and Heal Yourself!

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The Doctors meet Jeremy Howick, author of “Doctor You” and the director of Oxford University Empathy Programme. Jeremy studies the science of mind-body self-healing and believes we can do things to help the body heal itself without prescription drugs. Jeremy acknowledges modern medicine is helpful but as a society, he believes we are too reliant on it.

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Jeremy shares he hasn’t taken a prescription medication for over five years. He clarifies that he isn’t saying someone who is suicidal or has cancer shouldn’t take drugs, but thankfully, most problems aren’t that serious. Half of elderly Americans take over five prescription drugs per day and many take over twenty. Jeremy believes this is harmful. 

He shares his own experiences saying he was diagnosed with adult ADHD yet he has written over 100 publications, books, and has a Ph.D. He believes the diagnosis isn’t correct and thinks many young boys who can’t sit still are also misdiagnosed and prescribed medications which are methamphetamines; the street name for these drugs is speed!

Jeremy also severely injured his knee and had bone and meniscal damage, and was told he should have surgery. Jeremy said he couldn't have surgery and asked if there was anything else that could be done. With physiotherapy and positive thinking, Jeremy says his knee healed and he even ran his first marathon this past year.   

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says they all agree there is a place for prescription medicine yet there is a way for everyone to engage in self-healing. Jeremy offers three easy tips:

Tip #1: Breathe more slowly.
Jeremy instructs The Doctors and audience to breathe in for four seconds as they raise their hands, and then exhale for four more seconds as they lower them. He says just doing this for one minute will help induce the body’s relaxation response and induce the body’s natural self-healing process by deactivating the harmful effects of stress. Making a habit of doing this can even help lower the risk of heart disease.

Tip #2: Tense your jaw and release with a sign.
Relaxing the jaw will relax the entire body. Jeremy instructs everyone to tense their jaw and then let out a big sign. 

Tip #3: Stay connected.
Make a habit of staying connected to friends, family and social groups. Doing so can add five years to your life. Conversely, Jeremy says isolation can be as bad for you as smoking. Jeremy challenges everyone to reach out today to someone who will be happy to hear from them! Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon qualifies that viewers should reach out in person or over the phone, not through social media! 

If you can’t think of someone, Jeremy suggests volunteer work. He says trials are showing that it not only helps those in need but also the volunteers to feel better and lower their anxiety. 

Dr. Travis tells viewers that if given a prescription by a doctor, they can ask for alternative treatments and/or if there are things they can do in addition to the prescription. 

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