Previous COVID-19 Infection Provides Immunity for Just Months New Study Finds

COVID Immunity

People who have already had COVID-19 will reportedly be protected from the virus - but not forever, in fact, the immunity only lasts for months.

You might have heard someone say, "I already had COVID, I don't need to worry about it." According to a new study from Public Health England, this may be true, but their protection only likely lasts for approximately 5 months.

The study, which still needs to be peer-reviewed, found a previous virus infection resulted in an 83 percent lower risk of reinfection, noting, "This appears to last at least for 5 months from first becoming sick."

But, British health officials stress it is possible to still carry (in the nose and throat) and transmit the virus even if you previously had it. The study also found instances of people with antibodies also carrying "high levels of virus and could continue to transmit the virus to others."

"It is, therefore, crucial that everyone continues to follow the rules and stays at home, even if they have previously had COVID-19, to prevent spreading the virus to others. Remember to wash hands regularly, wear face coverings, and make space from others to help reduce the likelihood of passing on the virus, " Public Health England stressed in a statement.

The study also warns if you battled COVID in the first wave of the pandemic you may now be vulnerable to contract it once again.

This new study reinforces the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to you. Learn about the crucial reasons why getting the vaccine is vital to your health and your community.

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