Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery Warnings!

Playing Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures across the Country

The Doctors welcome plastic surgeon Dr. Stefan Szczerba, who shares some warnings for brides thinking about having a cosmetic surgery procedure before her wedding day.

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Dr. Szczerba suggests to any bride-to-be considering a procedure to stick to these time guidelines:

Injections: He says if you are getting any type of Botox or filler to come in at least 6 weeks before your wedding.

Peels: Dr. Szczerba says to come in 6 months before your big day for anything more aggressive like a peel.

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"You want your skin to [be at it's] prime, not just for your wedding, you want this as a lifestyle change," he says. "You want to look good not just for the wedding, but for the time around the wedding and maybe for life.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon feels people who have the best results with procedures, especially things like fillers, do them "incrementally" and do not overdo it all at once.