The Powerlifting Physician Weighs In on Fitness Crazes

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Playing Powerlifting Physician Shares Fitness Advice

The Doctors welcome Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum, a physician who also happens to be a powerlifter who has deadlifted 725 pounds, to decide if some of the latest fitness crazes are “Hot or Not.”

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Makeup designed to be worn at the gym: “If you look good and feel good, you’re going to have a good session at the gym,” he says, but for himself dubs this trend a “Not.”

A gym class where you sleep: “For fitness, probably a no,” Dr. Feigenbaum says of the class that involves 45 minutes of napping while at the gym. He deems this one a “Not.”

Hairy chest print swimsuits for women: Dr. Feigenbaum says his chest would match with someone wearing that unique swimsuit and dubs it “Hot.”

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As for Dr. Feigenbaum’s biggest fitness tip, he tells The Doctors, “Do more strength training… I think everybody should be doing some form of strength training in their routine."