Possible to Get Beyonce’s Glow & Madonna’s Booty with These Beauty Trends?

Playing Get Beyonce’s Glow & Madonna’s Booty with These Beauty Trends?

Hoping to have skin like Beyonce and a butt like Madonna? The Doctors weigh in on reported celebrity beauty tips and decide if they are great hacks or just plain wack!

We are joined by spin instructor Tunde and trainer Jeremy to discuss Beyonce’s reported body mask and Madonna’s reported booty mask.

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First up, Beyonce's body mask, which her makeup artist says helps her to achieve a sun-kissed glow, but does it work? Tunde and Jeremy test out the body mask, which they describe as "grainy." The body mask is made of tropical volcanic pumice (used to exfoliate dead skin) Brazilian quartz crystal (also an exfoliating agent,) rice grain, and coconut oil (for moisture). After removing the body mask, both Tunde and Jeremy said their skin felt "super soft" and was "glowing."

The verdict on Beyonce's beauty trend: Buzz!

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Next is Madonna's chrome clay mask, which she uses on her butt, and is then removed with a magnetic wand (and costs upwards of $600 dollars!). The singer says the butt mask makes the skin smooth, glowy and hydrated. Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon says he likes the idea of doing a facial on other parts of the body like the butt, breasts or neck, but urges viewers not spend hundreds of dollars on the products.

The verdicts on Madonna's beauty trend: Bust!

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