The Possible Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

Playing Health Benefits of Meditation

Is it time you gave your mind a break and took a little time to zen out? We take a look back at some of our meditation and mindfulness segments that might help to improve your health, reduce your stress levels and at the very least help you to feel a sense of calm.

Some believe that mediation can help with things like anxiety disorders, depression, blood pressure, pain, and sleep problems. When ER physician Dr. Travis Stork spent some time meditating in a past segment, he discovered that he preferred to be a little more active than traditional mediation allowed. See him try walking meditation, which allowed him to still focus his mind while still moving.

Meditation is also being used in schools to help kids decompress, and one Wisconsin school has replaced detention with meditation time and reportedly saw incredible results. Hear what The Doctors had to say about this creative approach.


Are you guilty of worrying about the future or spending too much time thinking about the past? The Doctors also looked at how the practice of mindfulness and mindlessness might be able to help you live in the moment and be more present.