Pimple Turns out to Be Cancer?

Playing Tanning Addict’s Facial Reconstruction after Skin Cancer

The Doctors share a cautionary tale from a self-proclaimed tanaholic. Janet is a mother of two who thought she had a zit but after it exploded and started to bleed, she saw a doctor. Janet was then diagnosed with both basal and squamous cell carcinoma. Now cancer-free, Janet joins The Doctors on Skype!

After Janet's initial diagnosis, she was sent to a Mohs surgeon to remove the cancer. Mohs surgery is very common when there is skin cancer on the face. Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon explains it's a type of chemotherapy which precisely removes just the tissue that is involved with the cancer.

Watch: Woman's Pimple Turns out to Be Cancer

In its place, Janet was left with a dime-sized hole down to the cartilage on the side of her nose. She then went to a plastic surgeon who performed a forehead flap in which they cut a piece of her skin, flipped it around, and then attached it to a vein. Janet shares a photo of this in which she says she looked "very sci-fi!"

Janet shares how she has been going to tanning salons her entire life and this diagnosis made her realize she was doing it way too much. Dr. Ordon elaborates that those UV rays you are exposed to from tanning when you are younger are the ones that lead to the development of skin cancer years later.

Janet shares that the "pimple" she thought she had was unlike a normal one, in that it bled a lot! She says that after it would scab, the scab would fall off and continue to bleed. Dr. Ordon notes the takeaway is if you have something that continues to grow for several weeks and it's not healing on its own, you need to get a diagnosis.

Watch: Help for Woman with Hole in Head after Skin Cancer Scare

Janet is working to spread this message and help with cancer prevention. She recently worked with her local cancer center in Oklahoma City to put five free-to-the-public sunscreen dispensers in at a local zoo. Wear that sunscreen! Additionally, make sure to reapply it, use at least 30 SPF, and a shot glass full amount. 

If you're worried about anything on your body, get it checked out sooner rather than later. To find out some more skin cancer warning signs, click here, here, or here!

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