Paula Abdul Gets Candid about Her Supercharged Life with Dr. Judy Ho

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Playing Paula Abdul Shares about Her Supercharged Life with Dr. Judy Ho

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, host of SuperCharged Life, sits down with the legendary Paula Abdul to share the secrets of Paula's success. She started her career as a Laker Girl dancing during NBA games at just 17, and yes, she lied about her age to get the job. She tells Dr. Judy about getting rejected from the Lakers tryouts twice before she finally got the green light. 

She quickly rose in the ranks and became lead choreographer of the Lakers Girls. She shares that it never occurred to her that celebrities, like the Jacksons, would be fans in the stands watching her work. She went on to work with Janet Jackson and choreographed the videos from her iconic album "Control."

She credits her grit to her dad, who taught her that the word "no" is just a step in the negotiation. She used that grit to convince director John Landis that she could choreograph the entire African dance wedding scene in "Coming to America," despite not having a background in that style of dance.

Hear that incredible story and more on this episode of "Supercharged Life" with Paula Abdul.