Parenting Hacks: Tips for Splinters, Stuck Objects and Ear Infections

Playing Hack or Wack: Unique Splinter Removal

The Doctors take a look at some creative techniques that could help parents deal with an unhappy child.

One mom claims she was able to use a pediatric medical syringe to allegedly remove a splinter from her child, but before you start using this technique on your child hear what The Doctors have to say about it!

Kids are known to stick items in places that are less-than-ideal and The Doctors discuss the case of an 11-year-old who placed numerous magnets up both of his nostrils. The magnets became stuck together and caused him breathing problems. Find out the creative approach emergency room doctors used to free the magnets.


Could a lodged foreign object inside a child's nostril be cleared using the "mother's kiss" technique? The Doctors discuss how if a child has something small (like a piece of food) up one side of their nose that placing a finger on the other nostril and blowing into the child's mouth may help to dislodge the item. The Doctors note that this technique should not be used if the item is sharp or jagged. 



Does your child have repeat ear infections or fluid buildup in their ears? See Doctors’ staffer Nicole and her daughter Morgan test the effectiveness of nasal balloons, which some say may help to prevent ear infections. Is this non-invasive and drug-free approach a good solution to this chronic and problematic condition?