Overweight and Engaged! Can They Meet Their Ambitious Wedding Weight-Loss Goal?

Playing Engaged Couple Wants to Lose 50 Pounds before Wedding

Christael shared her Caribbean engagement as well as her and her fiancé’s ambitious weight-loss goals prior to saying their “I-dos” on The Doctors Weight Loss Support Community on Facebook where she asked for some help. The Doctors surprised Christael by reaching out and letting her know they’re in!

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Christael and Michael both have struggled with their weight and recognize they need to make a change. They set the goal of losing 50 pounds each prior to setting a date and then another 50 before tying the knot. They hope The Doctors can help them stay on the right track and make permanent lifestyle changes.

Christael and Michael join The Doctors a few weeks after their vacation and admit they are not doing so well since their return and need help getting a healthy routine to stick. They share how they are both yo-yo dieters.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry highlights that getting healthy now is good since they are hoping to start a family down the line, and getting healthy will increase fertility and decrease the chances of pregnancy complications as well as health issues with the baby. She adds it’s important for Michael as well, because men too can have decreased fertility if they are unhealthy and overweight.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says the reason so many people yo-yo and fail is because there is always an element of deprivation. The Doctor’s goal for the couple is for them to get to a place that is sustainable and to make a lifestyle change. To get them going, The Doctors have a ton of surprises up their sleeves!

The Doctors are sending the newlyweds to Skylonda Lodge for a 6 day/7-night holistic health program. Then, they are giving them 6 months of personal training from Ultimate Performance and a 6-month meal delivery system from Factor 75. “In six months, we are going to be amazing!” shares Christael.