An Overnight Wrinkle Fix?!

Sideview of Lisa's crow's feet
Sideview of Lisa's crow's feet

Tons of products claim to help with wrinkles, but how do you know if they are the real deal? You watch The Doctors and see the products put to the test! Testers Lisa and Kathy tried out silicone patches claiming to soothe wrinkles overnight. The results were ones no one was expecting!

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Lisa and Kathy join in the audience and The Doctors share images that they took of the women’s faces before and after. The results show! Kathy shares that she thinks the product really worked and you can definitely see a difference. Lisa agrees, saying she even started to notice the change in the middle of the night when she got up a few times. She saw less and less of her lines and crows feet.

Kathy explains with the patches on it felt a bit tight and itchy but after about 10-15 minutes it was fine. When she removed the patches in the morning she says her skin felt tight at first, but now it feels normal.

OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry asks about any skin sensitivities and Lisa says she does have sensitive skin but this product didn’t cause any reactions. 

Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon understands the concept behind these silicone patches because similar ones have been used for scar healing. He says it acts as an occlusive dressing that keeps moisture in and helps with the volume of the skin.

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The Doctors point out that this is a temporary fix and Dr. Ordon thinks the results will vary depending on how long the patch is on but thinks it will last for hours. 

The product costs $59.95 and Dr. Nita says she is impressed by the results their own test has shown! If you’re looking for some easy, temporary wrinkle relief, this may be worth a shot!

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