Overcoming a Fear of Needles Is Vital for Millions Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, Get Coping Tips!


Do you have a fear of needles and will it stop you from getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

CNN reports that millions of people suffer from a fear of needles and approximately 7 percent of adults avoid getting immunized because of the fear. Additionally, around 20 to 50 percent of adolescents and 20 to 30 percent of young adults have a serious fear of needles.

So what can these millions of people do about their fear, when it could mean the difference between life or death?

Dr. Jeffrey Geller, president of the American Psychiatric Association, tells CNN that various relaxation techniques (like meditation and yoga) may help someone get through the fear and get the vaccine and he notes most people -- even if they are afraid of a needle -- will manage to cope with their anxiety and receive the shot.

Other possible approaches -- according to CNN -- to deal with a fear of needles include:

  • Distracting yourself while receiving the shot
  • Counting items in the room
  • Drawing or doodling while getting the shot 
  • Deep breathing
  • Picturing yourself in a calm and safe location
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • For severe phobias, cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful

If you are nervous about getting the vaccine, read about what people have said it feels like to get it (Hint: the overwhelming majority of people say it is a breeze. Also, learn about why it is so important to get vaccinated, not only for yourself but your loved ones and your community.)

Do you need yet another reason to get vaccinated? Find out details about how more vaccinations will mean a quicker return to normal life!

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