Our Favorite Masks That Are Fun and Safe for Halloween

Kid in costume with halloween mask

With all the concerns about Halloween this year due to COVID-19, don't let your face mask be one of them! The CDC is discouraging neighborhood trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and wearing a costume mask in lieu of your protective face mask. The CDC shares that all masks -- Halloween or otherwise -- should be made of two or more protective layers, covers the mouth and nose, and does not leave gaps. 

If you'e going to be wearing your protective mask, you might as well have a little fun. Isn't that what halloween is all about? These masks will keep you safe and may add some much-needed spook to your costume. 

For Adults

Skull face mask

Redbubble skull face mask, $12.49 (also available in kids' size) 


Ghost mask

MaskbyDesign ghost mask, $12.99


Pumpkin mask

Redbubble pumpkin mask, $12.49


ouija board

Redbubble ouiji board mask, $12.49 


For Kids 

kids masks

6-Pack Kids reusable face masks,  $15.99


purple sky mask

Redbubble purple sky mask, $12.49 


pumpkin mask

Redbubble pumpkin mask, $9.99 


Cat mask

Redbubble cat mouth mask, $9.99 


Dinosaur mask

Redbubble dinosaur skeleton mask, $9.99 


halloween mask

Redbubble Halloween mask, $9.99  


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