This Is Not a Joke: You Can Now Buy Pre-Sneezed Tissues!

Playing Why Would Someone Purchase a Pre-Sneezed Tissue?

A company called Vaev is selling tissues with a human sneeze in each of them for $79.99 saying this allows you to get sick “on your own terms.” What?! The Doctors have a box from Vaev that contains a crumpled-up tissue preserved in a petri dish. “This is crazy!” plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon exclaims. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says apparently, the product is sold out!

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The website says, “We believe using a tissue that carries a human sneeze is safer than needles and pills,” but The Doctors want to know, who is using needles and pills?! The Doctors put on some surgical gloves to give it a look but none of them want to take the tissue out. 

There are so many things that could go potentially wrong with this! Dr. Ordon explains it's unknown what is culturing up on that tissue. Someone could have tuberculosis! Dr. Travis is surprised this isn’t illegal since it’s transmitting bodily fluids. 

The Doctors do believe the concept behind these, stimulating your immune system, does make sense from the company's perspective. However, there are natural ways to do this. Dr. Travis points out the flaw in their thinking is that there are so many different viruses that cause the common cold even getting a cold intentionally now, doesn’t mean you won’t catch another one later.

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Things you can do to keep your immune system strong include exercising and eating right. Also wash your hands often, don’t overclean, get a flu shot, and don’t put an already used tissue in your face!

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