A Nonsurgical Procedure to Remove ‘Man Boobs’

Playing Man Unhappy with His Breast Size Returns Transformed

The following material contains graphic images of an actual surgery that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Last season The Doctors met Tom, a celebrity stylist who struggled with self-confidence due to his “man boobs,” or what is medically known as a condition called gynecomastia. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sachin Shridharani tried out a revolutionary nonsurgical technique to help Tom with this issue.

Dr. Shridharani used Kybella fat dissolving injectables and The Doctors were there to watch one of Tom’s treatments. Dr. Shridharani marked off the injection sites on Tom’s chest and then used a syringe to inject Kybella, which is a naturally found acid that hits fat cells causing them to rupture on contact. 

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Tom and Dr. Shridharani join in the audience and can agree from looking at Tom’s before and after photos that this was “a complete game changer.” 

Dr. Shridharani explains he initially suggested liposuction for Tom and Tom said, “absolutely not!” Tom didn’t want surgery so Dr. Shridharani opted for his “surgery” in a syringe. Kybella, which was initially used for double chins, was used in a similar fat-destroying way on Tom’s breasts. Of course, the quantity of the product was much greater and he used more than the standard amount used in a double chin or neck procedure.

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Tom went through four treatment cycles, each six to seven weeks apart. The most aggressive treatment was the first and then each subsequent one less and less of the product was used. The body goes through its healing process to clear the fat and excrete it so results take a bit longer to see, however, it allowed Tom to avoid surgery.

There was no downtime after each treatment. Tom could throw on his jacket and hit the streets of New York without anyone knowing he had anything done. Today, Tom confidently throws on a shirt, without the compression top he once wore underneath!

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