Noninvasive Fat Loss in Just 15-Minutes?!

Playing Remove Unwanted Fat in 15 Minutes?

The Doctors are on top of all the latest fat-loss treatments and today they are testing out truSculpt iD, a noninvasive procedure promising to remove unwanted body fat in just 15 minutes. Dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer is in the procedure room testing out the device on his patient Monica. 

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Monica is athletic, health conscious, and wants to tackle the stubborn bit of lower belly fat that no amount of diet or exercise seems to get rid of! Monica lies down with the applicators on her stomach while Dr. Emer explains this new technology uses heat to burn the fat forever. It is radiofrequency technology so unlike other procedures where the devices need to move and warm up the tissue, this one sits on the tissue and brings the heat to the exact temperature needed to burn fat. 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, a fan of classic liposuction, asks Dr. Emer where this procedure fits in the fat-loss armamentarium. Dr. Emer explains it's good for localized fat pockets, those stubborn little bits of fat, and for people who don't want surgery or any downtime. This is for a patient with an active lifestyle who wants small improvements. He adds for women who want skin tightening, common for many after giving birth, this heat secondarily will generate collagen and tighten the skin.

For people who have larger areas of fat to remove, liposuction may be a better option, and then this procedure can be done after to contour and finetune the results. Each treatment gets about 15-25% fat reduction which is one of the highest in any single noninvasive treatment. The more you do, the more outcome you'll have, but Dr. Emer says you will see results in one treatment. The cost is about $300-400 per applicator and you can use up to six in one treatment.

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Was Dr. Emer correct? Monica joins in the audience after the procedure. The Doctors show her before photo and then Monica does a live reveal, lifting up her shirt to show off her toned stomach. Monica and Dr. Emer both can see how it's already worked! Monica says the treatment was actually really relaxing and it felt like a warm sensation on her stomach. She says she can absolutely see a huge difference!

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