A No-Injection Botox Facial!

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Shelia Nazarian is backstage at The Doctors to demonstrate her Gold-Tip Facial. This facial uses a small vial that Dr. Nazarian can add a ton of skin-boosting elements to like Botox, hyaluronic acid, glutathione (for skin lightening) and B-complex (to calm redness). 

Dr. Nazarian demonstrates the facial on her patient Chelsea who has been suffering from a bit of acne, blotchiness and redness. Dr. Nazarian holds her small vial which she essentially stamps into Chelsea’s skin. “It feels like nothing. Tiny little, little pokes,” Chelsea shares.

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This facial delivers Botox at a shallower layer in the skin than injections do. Injections cause muscle paralysis to avoid wrinkles but with this facial, the Botox works to prevent capillaries from opening up, reducing redness, which is a huge help, especially for people with rosacea. The hyaluronic acid added to the vial is a great moisturizer and skin plumper. Dermatologist Dr. Batra uses it in a microdroplet technique at her office as an injectable moisturizer. In Dr. Nazarian’s facial, the vial allows her to inject the hyaluronic acid at the exact layer of the skin to plump it up!

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Dr. Nazarian adds this facial is also great for sweating and oily skin. She has one groom who just came in to avoid that oily face on his special day!

There is very little downtime with this facial; the face will look a bit flushed for about 10-20 minutes after, but that’s it! Dr. Nazarian says you can appreciate the results that same day. The facial, however, is on the more expensive side: $800-1,200 per treatment. The results typically last about a month but some say they see results for up to three months. Dr. Batra says considering the price, she would say it’s more of a cosmetic treatment versus a facial.