New Tech to Stop Unsolicited Nude Photos?

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While discussing the trend of sending altered nude photos, The Doctors discuss a new type of technology that may make an unsolicited penis photo a thing of the past.

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We welcome Kelsey Bressler, a web developer from Washington State University, to discuss how she and her team developed new technology that uses artificial intelligence to identify unsolicited penis photos and prevent users from having to see them. She says her team's filter will automatically delete the unsolicited photo, and then send the user a message alerting them the photo has been deleted. Additionally, the person who sent the photo will be alerted that their unsolicited photo is unwanted and inappropriate. 

Kelsey says her team is working to develop a three-strikes rule where if someone sends three unsolicited penis photos, then they are blocked from contacting that recipient again.

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The Doctors like that the technology includes the feature of alerting the sender of the inappropriate photo. They note this behavior is the type of sexual harassment and it should not be tolerated.

Kelsey says the service will be available in the next few months and says it be available first for Twitter and other social media platforms will follow.