New Protein-Packed Superfood Made from Cockroach Milk?!

Playing Would You Drink Protein-Packed Cockroach Milk?

Superfoods are all the rage, and getting plenty of protein in your diet is vital -- but are you willing to drink milk from cockroaches?

The Doctors discuss a study from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine which found cockroach milk is the equivalent to human breast milk and had four times as much protein as cow's milk.

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Before you try to milk the insect, The Doctors explain that in order to extract the milk from the cockroach, the gut of a mother cockroach has to be carved out. Also, 10 cockroaches are killed and harvested to make just a half a milliliter of milk, which translates to 1,000 cockroaches being needed for only 100g of milk, which is only half a cup of the liquid.

The Doctors truly question if this type of superfood will ever be a product consumers embrace.

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If insects are not your thing, we have details on 3 other superfoods -- none of which require milking a cockroach -- that you might want to add to your diet in the video above!


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