New Facial Filler with Less Swelling and Downtime?!

Playing No Swelling Facial Filler Put to the Test!

Facial fillers are a common treatment to combat signs of aging. Could this new-kid-on-the-block be the next gold standard? Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin along with his patient, Sheri, are going to test it out in The Doctor’s procedure room.

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Dr. Rivkin says this is a hyaluronic acid filler called Versa which was just FDA approved last December. However, it has been around in Europe and Canada for years and they have used millions of syringes with incidences of complications much less than with other fillers. He says there is less swelling and less risk of lumps and bumps. It’s fully reversible and lasts for about six months. “I feel safer using it and telling patients to have confidence that if they have an event the next night or next day, it’s going to be no big deal!” says Dr. Rivkin.

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Dr. Rivkin demonstrates injecting Sheri’s nasolabial folds. The rest of the face he is going to keep a surprise and have The Doctors guess where else he injected the fillers when they check back later to show off the results!  You can see that in the video below. Can you see improvements in Sheri’s face that very same day after treatment?

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