A New Bunion Procedure Promises Quicker Recovery!

Playing New Less Invasive Bunion Surgery?

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kaplan and his patient, Alyssa, join The Doctors to talk about the bunion procedure Alyssa recently underwent. This surgery, unlike the traditional procedure, uses smaller incisions. In doing so, there is generally less downtime, less swelling, less pain, earlier motion, and the patient is usually able to walk right away!

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Alyssa shares she was apprehensive about her surgery because she remembers her mother getting bunion surgery and having to wear a huge cast as well as not being able to put weight on her foot for an extended amount of time. “I was up and walking immediately after surgery, six weeks later I was out of my surgical shoe, and I never had a boot that went past my ankle,” shares Alyssa of her own experience.

Dr. Kaplan says this procedure can be done for most people, with bunions ranging from mild to severe. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra asks, if someone is not ready for surgery, are they any non-surgical options? Dr. Kaplan shares that people can wear pads on the bump in their shoe, use a toe-spacer, and wear shoes with a wide toe box. 

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While there is nothing that can be done to prevent bunions, Dr. Kaplan stresses wearing shoes based on your unique foot.