New and Non-Surgical Solution for Under-Eye Dark Circles?

Playing New Fix for Under-Eye Circles?

The Doctors meet Ann, who tells us she has been dealing with dark under-eye circles and feels it has been getting worse as she ages.

She says she has tried numerous pricey creams without having any luck. We send her to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi for a non-surgical solution that could be more effective than applying eye cream.

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Dr. Karimi explains under-eye circles are often genetic and can occur as early as your 20s. He says a loss of volume, which can occur as we age, can cause the appearance of dark circles look worse. He also notes that sun damage and not staying hydrating can also contribute to the issue.

Dr. Karimi suggests an injection for Ann, using her own blood palettes, to lift the area. He says the injection can help stimulate collagen and improve the skin. He says there is no downtime or bruising from the procedure and that Ann will see results right away.

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In addition to using sunscreen, The Doctors also recommend avoiding the consumption of too much salt, as this can cause you to retain fluid and can create bags under the eye. Also, they say to make sure to treat any issues like dry eyes or allegories which can affect your eyes.