Nearly Blind to Perfect Vision with This Quick Procedure!

Playing Woman Returns after Vision-Saving Procedure

The Doctors welcome back Riann, who recently went through a procedure to improve her extreme nearsightedness. When Riann first visited The Doctors, she shared that without her contacts or glasses, she couldn't see anything. Riann learned that she wasn’t a candidate for LASIK surgery but Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler found that she was the perfect candidate for another procedure, implantable lenses.

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The Doctors check in with Riann post-procedure and she says her vision is amazing. Dr. Boxer Wachler says the lenses don’t break down, degrade, and adds, “It’s going to outlast her.”

Dr. Boxer Wachler explains the procedure is typically just 10 minutes, painless, and you don’t feel the lenses. Riann describes the recovery process as pain-free and all she has to do is put eye drops in for about a week.

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Dr. Boxer Wachler says this procedure is great for people who are myopic or nearsighted and have a prescription of more than minus 4 or 5. If that’s you, ask your doctor about Visian ICL or research to find a doctor who does the procedure.