My Eye Is All Red Should I Be Worried?!

Playing Is A Broken Blood Vessel In Your Eye Serious?

The Doctors share an image of a woman who has one eye where the white part is completely red. If you have ever had this occur and wondered, "Is this serious?" The Doctors are here to help! ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains it is likely the result of a burst blood vessel and in most cases isn't a big deal.

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A blood vessel that has burst, known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage, could happen when too much pressure builds up, often caused by too much coughing or sneezing. It could take a while for the body to reabsorb that blood but for most people, after a couple of weeks, their eye will be back to normal. 

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Dr. Travis does want to point out that there are occasions where this could be more serious. He has seen the out-of-whack results of an ER test called an INR where someone has a clotting disorder. If you notice bleeding from other areas, affected vision, or anything else seems off, do see a doctor. Also, if the hemorrhage was caused by direct trauma to the eye and there is any pain, you should seek immediate attention.

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