Mother Wrongfully Convicted of Murder Reunited with Daughter after 20 Years

Playing Wrongfully Convicted Woman’s Emotional Reunion with Her Daughter

Michelle was wrongfully convicted of a crime she did not commit and has not seen her daughter Lindsey since she was 3-year-old. After sharing her harrowing story of spending her entire adult life behind bars, The Doctors reunite Michelle with her daughter after 20 years apart.

“I love you. I have always loved you,” Michelle tells her daughter as they meet after two decades apart. “I didn’t do that,” she tells Lindsey, referring to the murder of her son, which she was wrongfully convicted of. “I would give my life for you guys.”

After Michelle was arrested and sent to prison, Lindsey was adopted and raised by another family. Lindsey reveals she is still affected by the events of that horrific night and says she is experiencing anxiety, nightmares and post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI). Lindsey, who is also a mother, says she has come to The Doctors in order to move on and heal from the experience. She shares she is also dealing with trust issues and that it took a long time for her to connect and bond with her adoptive family.

“I know I failed as a mom and I didn’t do a great job. I loved you guys… and I would still trade my life for [your brother] so he could be alive right now. Every morning I wake up and my first thought is, ‘It should be him waking up.’” Michelle tells her daughter.

Lindsey reveals she is still haunted by her brother’s death and says she still has nightmares that Michelle did kill her brother. Jason Flom, of the Wrongful Conviction podcast and The Innocence Project, stresses to Lindsey that legally and scientifically it has been determined that Michelle had a zero percent chance of killing her brother.

Despite her nightmares and residual pain, Lindsey tells The Doctors that she is open to try to move forward and work through her pain. “I have to keep on trying until something works,” she says.

Shelly, Lindsey’s adoptive mother, shares that their family did not tell Lindsey details about Michelle’s case until she was an appropriate age.

Dr. Travis Stork suggests treating today as a “new start” for Lindsey and Michelle.

The Doctors arrange for Michelle and Lindsey to receive for a groundbreaking treatment for post-traumatic stress injury, which was developed by frequent Doctors guest Dr. Eugene Lipov. The treatment involves a simple epidermal injection to the neck, which is often able to stop the symptoms of PTSI/PTSD with one shot and reboot the brain to a pre-trauma state. The Global PTSI Foundation has offered to treat them both free of charge.

Additionally, The Doctors arrange for individual and group counseling for the Michelle and Lindsey from Improving Lives Counseling to begin their healing process.

“I’m so grateful that you decided to come and I thank you for giving me this chance to see you,” Michelle tells her daughter.

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