Mother Reunited with Nurse Who Helped Save Her Newborn

Playing Teen Mom Faced with Difficult Adoption Decision

The Doctors help reunite a mother, who considered giving up her child for adoption, with the nurse who helped save her newborn son's life.

At just 15, Cherish secretly gave birth at home. She planned on giving up her child, as she wanted to ensure that he had the best life possible. She tells us that while at the hospital, she met Nurse Jeannie, who helped change her life.

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She says a few days after her then-boyfriend dropped off their baby at the hospital, Cherish returned to the hospital to discover her newborn was dealing with various infections, hypothermia and only weighed 3 pounds and 3 ounces.

During the hospital visit, Nurse Jeannie told Cherish that because the baby was brought to the hospital that his life had been saved. Cherish says that the way Nurse Jeannie treated her, which she explains was like a mom and not simply a teen in a difficult situation, helped her make the decision to keep her son Allen.

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Nurse Jeannie says she was amazed at how Cherish stepped up to responsibilities of being a parent and explains that she saw so much bravery in the young mom. Cherish tells Jeannie, "Thank you so much. I feel so blessed... you really made an impact on my life."

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says this story highlights the importance of safe havens -- locations where babies can dropped off with no questions asked -- for parents who cannot care for their children.

For more information and resources on safe havens in your state, click here.