Mother Killed by Coming in Contact with Son's Drugs?

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Playing Mom Dies from Contact with Son’s Drugs

The Doctors discuss the tragic case of the mother who reportedly died after coming into contact with her son's drugs, which he had overdosed on.

After finding her son unresponsive on the bathroom floor, the 69-year-old woman was cleaning up her son's drug paraphernalia and came into contact with the drug fentanyl. She began experiencing shortness of breath and was taken to the hospital where she died. The woman's son died a day after she passed away.

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The Doctors say the story highlights the potential danger of coming into contact with drugs like fentanyl. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says he is surprised that there have not been more cases like this, noting that someone could easily accidentally inhale or ingest drugs if they are in the presence of them. They also note that often drugs contain a myriad of unknown toxic chemicals, which can pose a serious risk to one's health.

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They suggest if you have to deal with someone's drugs to call the authorities, like the police or emergency medical services, in order to properly clean and dispose of them.