The Mother-Daughter Pair Obsessed with Looking Like British Star Katie Price

Playing Mother and Daughter Duo Love Going Under the Knife

We look back on some our most unforgettable plastic surgeries stories, including Georgina and Kayla, the mother and daughter who told us they spent more than $80,000 dollars on various surgeries to look like British celebrity Katie Price.

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"We love having plastic surgery together," the mother-daughter pair told us in unison.

At just 11 years old, Kayla said she knew when she wanted to get breast implants to emulate her idol and says she works as an exotic dancer to help pay for her various procedures.

Georgina and Kayla revealed they had bigger goals in mind than just looking like their favorite celebrity.

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"We don't want [Katie's] lips or her boobs because, to us, her lips and her boobs are too small," daughter Kayla said. They said their goal was to increases their breasts to JJ-sized and planned to have a breast augmentation done at the same time. 

Despite the concerns raised by The Doctors about how something like a breast job this extreme could possibly affect their health, Kayla told us at the time, "I'm very determined and I've always wanted to do this."