Mom's Social Media Account Shows True Story of Motherhood!

Playing Mom’s ‘RIP’ Social Media Series Goes Viral

The Doctors meet Desiree, a mother of triplets who has an honest and hilarious Instagram account documenting how motherhood has changed her life. Desiree uses "R.I.P" to joke about all the things she misses from her pre-motherhood life. R.I.P. privacy, being on time, a clean car, a quick errand, lacey panties...

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Desiree explains she had this idea for the account because she thought it would be neat to document on social media all the things you miss after becoming a mom. She created this to remind other moms they aren't alone on this crazy journey!

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Her favorite picture is of her right after giving birth to the triplets which she labeled "R.I.P. pre-baby body." Desiree says she chose this photo because "our bodies change so much after we have a baby. After carrying the triplets my body became covered in stretch marks and saggy skin and moms need to be reminded we worked hard to bring our babies into this world and we need to be proud of that and we have badges of honor all over our bodies!"

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