The Mom Who Wears a Waist Trainer 23 Hours a Day

Playing Mom Addicted to Wearing a Waist Trainer

Diana, a mother of three, has reportedly gone to extreme lengths to shrink the size of her waist – wearing a waist trainer for 23 hours a day!

She has reportedly shrunk her waist from 29 inches to a shocking 18 inches by wearing a waist-pinching corset for almost the entire day, even claiming to wear it while having sex.

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“The only thing you are doing when you’re wearing a corset is training your waist to not do its job,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork warns, explaining that he’s concerned about the possible damage this might be doing to her core muscles. “Your risk of long-term problems [by] wearing it that often skyrockets.”

The Doctors note that wearing a waist trainer could cause the following: back problems, posture issues, core problems, and possible issues with breathing.

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In addition to possible health issues, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho worries about what type of message regarding body image this might be sending to this mom’s children. She suggests approaching weight loss through traditional means like nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Travis says if you are going to wear a waist trainer that is should be for “the shortest amount of possible time.”