Mom Treats Teen's Cancer with CBD Oil and Not Surgery?

Playing Mom Arrested for Disregarding Medical Advice for Her Teen with Cancer?

The Doctors welcome Judge “Scary Mary” Chrzanowski to weigh in on the case of a mom who reportedly went on the run with her teen and defied a court order regarding her medical care.

The Oregon mom was reportedly arrested after fleeing with her 13-year-old claiming the child's rare liver cancer would be better treated with CBD oil and other treatments instead, instead of undergoing surgery.

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So when does the state have the right to take away a child from a parent? Judge Mary says, "When the parent is not acting in the best interests of a child and the child's well-being... the state can always step in."

The Doctors explain the best course of medical action in this child's case, would have been the removal of a portion of the child's liver, and not the use of CBD oil.

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Judge Mary believes, in this case, the goal of the court would be to eventually reunite the child and the parent and not put the mom in prison. The panel acknowledges they don't believe the mom was intentionally trying to harm her daughter and she may have been unable to view the situation with a clear perspective about what was medically was best for the teen.

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