'Microcheating': Are You Guilty of It?

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Playing Could You Be Cheating and Not Even Know It?

Are you planting tiny seeds of unfaithfulness with someone who is not your significant other? You just might be "microcheating."

The Doctors discuss how using a pet name, sharing inside jokes, dressing to impress and liking social media posts of someone who you are not dating while in a relationship could be a form of cheating.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry feels that if you are worried a behavior might be crossing a line, then it probably is. She also feels that if you are doing something behind your partner's back with someone else, then you might have a problem.

But what about simply having thoughts or dreams about someone else?

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho explains that finding someone attractive who is not your partner is normal and as long as you are not acting on it then it is not cheating. She stresses that each couple needs to come up with what is acceptable and what is not and she feels that deceiving your partner is never ideal.