Micellar Water to Remove Eye Makeup? Big Shoes Prevent Blisters?

Playing Micellar Water to Remove Eye Makeup?

Micellar water is being touted for a few years now as a way to remove eye makeup but dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra, who actually loves micellar water as a face makeup remover, says it’s a bust for the eyes!

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Dr. Batra explains it is hydrating and does a good job removing oil-based products on the face so many people will use it around the eyes to try and remove heavy-duty eye makeup, especially the waterproof kind. A study in 2015 by the Journal of Ophthalmology found that more and more people are having problems with the glands around their eyes that produce the lubricant for the eyes. When they get clogged they can cause a painful stye as well as make the eyes feel dry and gritty. You see this occur when people use oil-based cleaners like micellar water to remove their eye makeup. 

Dr. Batra suggests using water-based or surfactant-based cleansers for the eyes. Also, she advises peoples to not to wear waterproof eye makeup all the time, unless it’s necessary. 

The next topic spurs from a photo of Meghan Markle wearing shoes that are a bit too big on her. She says she does this to prevent blisters. Dr. Batra stands behind her on this and says it’s a buzz! She explains that most women who are on their feet all day or are pregnant will have swollen feet by the end of the day. Therefore, this tip makes sense.

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“When your shoes are too tight they can certainly cause blisters. if they’re super loose and there's a lot of friction, they can cause blisters, but a little bit of extra breathing room I think is totally buzzworthy!” Dr. Batra says.