Meet the Trainers Who Gained Weight to Help Their Clients Lose Weight

Playing Trainers Gained Weight to Help Their Clients Lose

Trainers Drew and Cary, from Lifetime’s “Fit to Fat to Fit,” packed on the pounds to better understand how they could help their overweight clients. They join The Doctors to share more about what it was like to dramatically transform their bodies.

Drew gained 75 pounds in order to help his brother, who was unable to lose weight. When he gained the weight he says he developed a fatty liver, saw a drop in his testosterone levels, and had a dramatic rise in his blood pressure. Before he gained the weight, Drew says he only thought about losing weight from a physical perspective but after the weight gain he realized how important the mental and emotional aspects are.

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"It was an eye-opening experience for me. It was very humbling and it made me realize how wrong I was as a trainer," he tells us, explaining that he's now able to better understand the mental and emotional struggles of his clients.

Trainer Cary, who also gained weight in order to help her clients, says her eyes were opened to how she feels women are treated differently when it comes to being overweight. She shares that when she was gaining her weight she went to a fast food restaurant and noticed how inside the restaurant she only saw men, and when she looked outside she mostly saw women ordering food in the drive-thru. She feels women are made to feel shame about being overweight in a different way than men are. Also, she says she felt some shame about returning to the gym, feeling as though people looked at her like she did not belong there.

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The Doctors also welcome Parnielle, who has lost 34 pounds on “Fit to Fat to Fit.” She says she had both emotional and physical changes after dropping the pounds including improvements to her skin, she says her brain felt less "cloudy," and she says she also felt more confident.

The “Fit to Fat to Fi" team share some tips that may improve your workout:

  • Get rid of a "bad" workout partner - if they are not focused or talk too much, work out alone Cary says
  • Use an app for accountability and support - Drew suggest using an app to help you stay on track with your workout 
  • Stay consistent and don't beat yourself up for slipping - Parnielle feels that making little steps made each day will help you find success