Is Marijuana The Answer to Your Health Issues?

Marijuana and cannabis oil bottles
Marijuana and cannabis oil bottles

As medicinal and medical marijuana has become legal in more and more states across the country, The Doctors have been at the forefront of examining whether it can treat your health concerns along with warning against how it can be misused. 

Cannabis has become so popular that your grandparents might be lighting up, vaping, or enjoying an edible. Take a look at the group of seniors citizens we spoke to who say they are replacing many of their medications for various ailments with marijuana, including the use of highly addictive opioids.

In addition to the elderly population, marijuana use is growing among some parents. We met with moms, who say taking very small doses of marijuana -- called microdosing -- has changed their lives. They said it helps treat anxiety and also migraine headaches. One mom told us that she feels microdosing allows her to "medicate and still feel in control."

Some say marijuana might be beneficial for adults, but what about children? The Doctors have also profiled how some claim that CBD oil -- a product derived from one of the compounds in the cannabis plant which is not intoxicating and does not work the way THC does -- has been used to treat health issues like seizures and even a brain tumor in children.

Hear more from Canna-Centers medical director Dr. Bonni Goldstein on how she believes that cannabis oil treatments can be used to treat sick children.

Some have even claimed that CBD can be used to treat the pain associated with wearing high heels -- and we even put it to the test to find out if your aching feet can benefit from cannabis.

Of course, there are dangers and concerns about using marijuana. We spoke to veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan, who highlighted the dangers of pets ingesting marijuana. She told us, “They don’t get high. It's a toxin; it's poisonous; and sometimes they die,” and shared signs that your pet may have been exposed to marijuana.

The Doctors stress that your medicinal and medical marijuana and cannabis products should be stored safely and unsuspecting people, especially children, should not be able to access it. The Doctors Executive Assistant Terry is all too aware of the dangers of accidentally getting high and we shared methods that some claim can counteract the effects of the marijuana.


Even more of our wide-ranging marijuana-based content can we found, here! And, as always speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before using marijuana.