Man Who Can't Orgasm?!

Playing Man Unable to Achieve Orgasm?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

On average, women will experience close to 2,000 orgasms in their lifetime and for men, that average is 4,000. However, The Doctors are joined on Skype by Ben, a man who has had less than 20 orgasms ever with a partner. Ben shares his story and how his struggles have actually led to great personal development with the creation of his blog, The Naked Professor. 

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Ben explains this began when he was 18 years old, the first time he had sex, and for a while, he was resigned to accept this fate. Since then, Ben has taken many routes to try and figure out where his problem lies; he has taken tests, tried hypnotherapy, coaching, joined men's groups, and even had a sex coach. The good news is, Ben was seen by a urologist who didn't see any physiological reason why Ben is having this problem.

Ben shares how this has been an issue in some past relationships but that he very much wants to be in a healthy one and to one day have kids. OB/GYN Dr. Mille Behera is also in the studio and reassures Ben there are many fertility options and he will be able to have kids.

Ben explains he began The Naked Professor as a way to embrace vulnerability, insecurities and the things that are wrong with us. He wants to share with men that it's okay to be open and to share their issues. Ben says in his twenties, he was very close-minded and shutoff and the idea of personal development was something completely foreign to him. Today, however, he is in a much better place.

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"I admire you, now you are helping other young men with similar issues. If physically everything is okay, we often forget the most important sex organ is right here, between your two ears," says Dr. Travis. The Doctors thank Ben for sharing his story and hope it may help others with similar issues.

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