Man Starts Real 'Fight Club' to Settle Disputes

Playing Why Man Created a Real Life ‘Fight Club’ to Help Men Settle Disputes

The Doctors welcome Chris “Scarface” Wilmore, creator of the real-life fight club Street Beefs to discuss how he's helping people settle their disputes physically in hopes of minimizing gun violence.

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He explains he was inspired to grow his fight club after a friend of his was killed over a petty dispute and his club's motto is "Guns down, gloves up." In Chris' backyard, he hosts fights where the participants wear gloves and duke it out. He says in all of the fights he has hosted, the loser has never come back with a bigger grudge. He tells The Doctors, the real honor is showing up to settle the dispute, and not who wins the match.

But how is Chris addressing the possible legal problems that may arise from a backyard fight club?

He tells The Doctors he takes steps to avoid any serious injuries or possible death. A fight is stopped if a participant appears dazed, is bleeding, and he has a liability waiver in place for people taking part. He also notes that people are not allowed to gamble on the fights.

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The Doctors warn there are inherent risks and potential legal issues with this club but applaud Chris' effort to cut down on gun violence and senseless gun deaths.


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