Man Loses over 300 Pounds and Changes His Life

Playing A Look Back at an Obese Food Addict’s Plea for Help

The Doctors look back at our inspirational and amazing United States of Obesity series with Jermaine, who weighed 639 pounds when we first met him.

He told us he feared he would die from his weight and found himself pulling away from his family due to his shame about his size.

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“I felt bad about the way I looked and that I let myself get to this point and I just didn’t want to show that. As long as they didn’t see it, they wouldn’t know how bad I’d gotten” he explained. He told us that “everything hurts” – like walking, standing and sitting – and he is fearful that his life will be cut dramatically short. “It’s always in the back of my head, how long am I going to live?”

Following an intervention with his family, Jermaine agreed to get help from Eric Viskovicz at Live In Fitness, where he spent an entire year and lost an amazing 300 pounds. After losing the weight he told us "I'm like a new person... Healthy eating and working out hard, that's all it took. If I can do this, anybody can."

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In addition to his transformative weight loss, Jermaine's health was also dramatically improved. Internist Dr. Melina Jampolis shared that he was pre-diabetic before the weight loss, and after his blood sugar control was healthy. She also shared that his marker of inflammation, which can be a sign of possible heart disease, is now at a normal level. The one area of concern from the tests was his cholesterol levels, which have actually gone up, but she noted this can happen for some during a dramatic weight loss, but she said this can be addressed.

Jermaine shared words of encouragement for others who might be dealing with a seemingly insurmountable weight loss challenge telling The Doctors at the time, "This may seem difficult, this may seem impossible... but just know, if you work hard, if you motivate yourself, anything is possible. I didn't think I could do this. I was basically daydreaming about my funeral... and now, I'm daydreaming about the future. Take that first step, it all starts one step. You move and you keep moving and you don't stop moving until you reach that goal."