Man Impaled by 40-Pound Spear!

Playing Man Survives Being Impaled By 40-Pound Spear!

An average day turned into a life or death situation when Justin was impaled on the job by a 40-pound spear. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork holds a spear of about the same size to demonstrate how enormous this thing was! 

The spear pierced through his back, his colon, and just barely missed his spinal cord and aorta. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says he is the luckiest guy ever for this to not have killed him! The Doctors have “the luckiest guy” Justin, and his wife, Anny, on Skype.

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Justin is in good spirits saying he feels pretty good even though he still has to use a walker and an ileostomy bag and catheter. Anny beams that she is so proud of him and is amazed at how he is handling this both physically and mentally.

Dr. Ordon thinks he’s going to have to near complete recovery asides from having to live with the colostomy diverting his bowel.

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Dr. Travis says he has never seen anything like this in the ER. What was unique about the scenario is that the spear was still connected to a piece of equipment. Justin's colleagues had to keep it very stable when they removed the spear from the machine, and they were right to leave the spear impaled in Justin when they brought him to the hospital. Otherwise, the risk of bleeding out would be a huge concern and this story could have had a completely different outcome.