Man Drops 130 Pounds and Transforms into a Bodybuilder!

Playing How Man Went From Overweight to Bodybuilder

The Doctors welcome Jeremy and Jana who completely transformed their bodies through a dramatic weight loss.

Jeremy says he weighed over 300 pounds, drank alcohol, ate junk food and was a smoker -- and now he is a trainer and has changed his unhealthy lifestyle habits

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"[There were] no drugs, no surgeries, no gimmicks, just real true hard work," he tells The Doctors, saying it was eating healthy food and exercising that helped him drop over 130 pounds. "I woke up one day and realized I deserved better than how I was treating myself."

He reveals he battles with an eating disorder and found that overcoming his binge eating was the most difficult aspect of his transformation.

Jeremy adds, "We have to make sure that our own worst enemy isn't living between our ears. I'm living proof that If I can do it, really anyone can do it."

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Another example of proof that it is possible to change your life is his client Jana, who tells The Doctors that she had an epiphany that her life needed to change when her child was almost hit by a car. She says they were playing tag at a playground and her child ran away from her and she says she could not catch him. Jana says a car nearly hit him and at that moment she knew her life had to change.

She says that she now works out 5 to 6 days a week for usually two hours and incorporates fitness into playtime with her son.

"He loves playing with his healthy mom," she says.