Man Develops Black Blisters on His Lips!

Playing Man’s Black Lip Blisters Caused by Lung Infection

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors share a disturbing picture of a man’s mouth with black blisters all over the lips. Some may guess it’s the result of a horrific STD but the actual cause is from a lung infection and mycoplasma pneumonia, a type of bacteria causing the infection, inducing the sores.

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The man went to the E.R. complaining of a fever, cough and rash on his skin and a few days later those sores developed. The sores were also ‘down there’ but he tested negative for herpes. This is when the doctors said this was a case of mycoplasma pneumonia inducing the rash and mucositis.

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This is another uncommon case but a warning to get to the E.R. if you ever see anything like this! The man had to be put on a feeding tube and antibiotics but the good news is he is now fully recovered. “Any time you listen to your body and it’s giving you the wrong signals please just go get it checked out before it’s too late,” Dr. Travis urges viewers.

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