Man Comes Clean about His Difficulty Staying Clean 'Down There'

Playing Difficulty Getting Clean ‘Down There’?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors meet Jay, who says he developed hemorrhoids in his 30s when he was overweight. Since then, he has begun exercising and eating healthier food and says the hemorrhoids have gone away.

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But, he reveals that he now has a few "little fleshy things" inside his anus, which he says prevents him from cleaning properly and he calls them a "nuisance."    

Proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld says this is a common problem and examines Jay to determine what he is dealing with.

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After the examine, Dr. Rosenfeld is happy to report that Jay does not have a serious issue like cancer and is dealing with a skin tag inside the anus. He tells Jay the only way to treat the issue is to have it surgically removed, which he offers to do at no cost to Jay.