Man Bitten by Decapitated Rattlesnake Head?!

Playing Dead Rattlesnake Bites Man?!

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

The Doctors
share a horrifying story of Milo, a man who killed a rattlesnake in his yard and then was bitten by the decapitated head when he went to dispose of it! Milo was given a massive dose of venom. Milo had DIC, or disseminated intravascular coagulation, internal bleeding, kidney failure and went into septic shock. Milo was given 26 doses of antivenom. The typical dose is 2-4! Let this be a lesson, a decapitated snake head can still bite you!

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Milo is slowly recovering. He is on dialysis for his kidneys and has received several skin grafts. He was given a potentially lethal dose, stronger than a typical bite. Since the snake was dead, it didn’t have the normal control mechanism to hold back some of the venom. This is also why baby rattlesnakes are extremely dangerous because they haven’t learned to control their venom release yet.

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If bitten by a snake, avoid all the internet DIY tips and get yourself to a hospital ASAP. Put whatever was bitten below the level of your heart. If possible, try and get a photo of the snake that bit you to know if it is poisonous or not. The Doctors share a photo of two snakes to illustrate how to tell which one is dangerous. Snakes hold venom in their cheeks so the diamond-shaped head of a snake is a good indication it is poisonous. A harmless garter snake, on the other hand, has an elongated face which is just an extension of its body.

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