Is a Male Birth Control Pill in the near Future?

Playing Will the Male Birth Control Pill Become a Reality?

Will a medical science breakthrough soon place some of the responsibility of taking birth control pill on men?

The Doctors discuss how researchers are working on a daily pill that manipulates male hormones, similar to traditional female birth control, and reduces testosterone and sperm production. The pill has reportedly proven to be safe in 83 men tested.

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OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry, who is hopeful about the male birth control pill, says, "Welcome to the team, be a part of the solution!" She goes to note some of the reported side effects of the male birth control pill, which include weight gain and a possible lower sex drive.

The Doctors discuss how in the right circumstances this type of birth control could be ideal, but warn it will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and they hope this does not lead to a decrease in condom use, which is still key in the prevention of STDs.

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"If you're not in a committed relationship, you need to be wearing something to protect yourself," ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork adds.

The male birth control pill is still reportedly being tested and has yet to be submitted the FDA for approval. The Doctors say they believe the male version of the pill will become a reality during our lifetime.

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